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Tulsadoom are 5 barbarians hailing from the Austrian wilderness, besides plunder and pillaging being their main skill sorcerers also educated the 5 warriors in the teachings of Metal so when the 5 crossed paths they recognised each other as brothers of Metal instead of tearing each other apart limb from limb being barbarians, The Metal gods brought them together and it was written that they should join forces and form a band trough which they could unleash their barbarianism upon the meek, Being a Conan fan i stumbled upon this band some time ago while browsing Conan clips on the tube, and by Crom I am glad I did that! Been blasting this epic Barbarian metal ever since! best enjoyed with unhealthy amounts of mead ! Official Tulsadoom website

Sototh Dult - Vocals,
Virgin Penetrator - Guitars,
Skullcrusher Volkov - Guitars,
Rick Thunder - Bass,
Doktharr Radiovodnik - Wardrums

*"Hither came five heroes,barbarians, strong and dauntless. On their ongoing quest, they fought monsters, witchmasters and powerful demigods.If there was a treasure to steal, a village to raid or ghastly monstrosities to slay, they were there. Wherever the barbarians have appeared, the sky was filled with darkness and the earth drank the blood of their enemies.They have faced death not just once, side by side, sword by sword. The countless unforgotten deeds were extolled for decades!

By Crom!We call you to arms!" (*taken from thier fb)


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