So anyway, I listen to power metal. And by far the best power metal band (for me at least) is Hammerfall. Seriously, these guys are awesome

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Well, not much into power metal (at least since high school) but feeling this way about a band (any band) is what counts :D \m/

Yep, HammerFall is awesome.

Well, of course. ^^

Love Hammerfall. I prefer Iced Earth. But both Hammerfall and Helloween have been a constant for me for so long. Primal Fear is another you should check out if you like Hammerfall.

Yes, I do know Primal Fear, a great band. As well as Iced Earth and Helloween. But still, Hammerfall is the one that I listen to the most. 

HammerFall are awesome. You def. should try the band Hammer King. We'll play a show together in summer and they're really cool!

Thats the only thing i can find for Hammer King. Is there any more?

As far as I know they're working on their debut album whcih shall be released this year

Listen to Sonata Artica

Rhapsody of Fire and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

All great bands, each and every one.  Especially Sonata.

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