Most of us has heard about this before, personally I always dismissed it as stupid accusations and conspiracy theories by Nirvana fans in denial, that was before I really took the time to actually have a look at what they talk about, I watched the newly released "Soaked in bleach" documentary / dramatization of the case with real life recordings of Courtney Loves strange behaviours during the case, recorded secretly by the private investigator Courtney hired herself, I then proceeded to watch the 5 hour long amateur made  documentary "KURT COBAIN: MURDERED" along with an initially BBC founded documentary "Who Killed Kurt Cobain" that was shut down after Courtney Loves legal team put pressure on the people in charge, the last 2 you can watch below, while soaked in bleach are available on netflix or on dvd at amazon, This is mind blowing I now have no doubt in my mind Kurt Cobain did not end his own life, and by the looks of things Cortney was the evil mastermind behind his murder ! tragic story! watch these and share your thoughts

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I care somewhat cause he was turning against and showed his disgust with the capitalists of the record industry, he was not a musical genius, Personalty if I was to name late good metal composers they would be Valfar and Jon Nödtveidt

Ha ha not at all I said "if I was to name late (as in dead) good metal composers" ! killing yourself is weak in my eyes better go kill those who make your life shit ! but in Jon´s case it was a ritual self sacrifice according to his religious beliefs ! Kurt I´m convinced was murdered ! as for him being "a worthless shred of human debris." or not, I could not care less.. I think the case is interesting and shows you can clearly get away with murder if you got the cash and fame

What`s peculiar about that ? this thread is about a dead man in the first place ? and nowhere in the thread start did I praise Kurt as a musical genius ? If I was to name living musical geniuses I think we would loose track altogether in this thread ,  which has already happened more or less , I was not asking if he was a good person or musician ? I´m simply curious if others will come to the same conclusion as I after watching those documentary's mentioned

no problem ;-) at least now there is some thread that's alive on this website, cheers

I, of course, like all of you, cannot be absolutely sure of what happened, but, if courtney didn't have a main part to play in his death, I believe she played an intrigued part in his suicide !!!!

to be honest i think he was killed. it's sad but his music sucks

Yeah she had him killed that part where El Duce says she offered him 50 gran was no joke,I knew the man and I doubt he would lie about it and after that interview he died which is another mystery because he could hold his alcohol and we that knew him just couldn't believe it,I hope one day Courtney gets what she has coming to her,like they said in that one movie she had him killed because he was going to leave her and that's what I honestly think she had him killed to cash in on his fortune.

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