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Friendly and dry humoured metalhead with a fondness for black metal, books and history

Not really sure where to put this information so I'm going to stick it here.

A list of bands, likes and soft spots;



Bathory, Celtic Frost, Incantation, Black Funeral, Katatonia (Old),Graveland, Abigor, Summoning, Amestigon, Damnation, Venom, Root, Tormentor, Sodom, Ulver, Anathema, Behemoth, Danzig, Diabolical Masquerade, Mercyful Fate, Mayhem, King Diamond, Nazxul, Opeth, Ofermod, Ravencult, Sarcofago, Sahg, Samael, Taake, Thorns, Emperor, Dodheimsgard


Likes: Cooking, reading and writing fiction, the occult, gigs and the great outdoors


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At 4:21am on February 26, 2014, Goran Markovic said…

Tnx for add! \m/(-.-)\m/

At 4:57am on May 17, 2014, Charlotte said…

MGLA are fantastic live. I have most of their albums bar With Hearts Towards None' which I suppose I ought to hurry up and get soon. Yes, you're right about music venues here, we are lucky to have a plethora of amazing gigs in Europe and London is of course a real treasure chest for underground gigs. I used to enjoy the big uk festivals like bloodstock having seen some awesome bands like Sodom, Destruction and Katatonia, but they are just so expensive and as you say, the smaller gigs tend to me more relaxed and intimate, not to mention are kinder on the wallet! I remember seeing Mayhem play in London a couple of years ago and they were awful! None of the support bands turned up and the playing was just a bit sloppy and allover the place which is a shame..

I have to say I have never seen Inquisition before and I've heard so many good things about them live, I think they on my 'next to see list'.

I often wonder why there are few black metal shows in the states as there are some amazing American Black metal bands around.  I really like bands like Grand Belial's key, Profanatica, Absu, Demoncy, Nightbringer and more folk orientated bands like Agalloch and Falls of Rauros. I'm a big fan of Leviathan, Krohm and Lurker of Chalice. There just seems so many thriving bands in the US I'm a bit baffled as to why they don't receive more recognition ?

At 6:01pm on May 22, 2014, Charlotte said…

Inquisition are playing in July in London so I will definitely be going to see them then. I missed seeing Moonspell at a festival several years ago which I was a bit annoyed about.

Likewise, over here too we have the trendsetters and the 'cool' kids who are only interested in the popular stuff the big record labels are promoting, not forgetting the desperate kids who are only interested in promoting themselves or their band. (Seen a bit of that behavior on here too actually.)  Over here there is definitely more support for the underground , evidenced by the number of promoters who work their arses off getting underground bands to play live. Talking about underground bands I have been listening to Thantifaxath, interesting Toronto based Progressive black metal band. Picked up their demo several months ago at a gig and was blown away! They're about to release a new album which is well worth listening too. One Master are another intriguing entity who sound a bit like Celestial Bloodshed with Doomy undertones..'Their EP 'The Quiet eye of Eternity is well worth a listen!' I haven't actually heard of of any of those French bands you've listed but I will have to check out some of their stuff. Mortifera, Celestia and a brief fling with some of 'Les Legions Noires' earlier material (notably Vlad Tepes) is as far as my knowledge of French Black metal goes. I do like Peste Noire but have never got round to purchasing any of their albums which is a must for me, I think.

Most recently I've been listening to the lovely The White EP from Agalloch, which is simply beautiful  and has spoken recordings from one of my favorite films of all time 'The Wicker Man'. Outside of Metal, I've been listening to several albums from British Occult rock band Black Widow. They're another unknown entity but they managed to garner a fair amount of controversy by being the first band to draw on the occult and Satanism. I'm waffling on. What have you been listening to recently? Anything you'd care to recommend?


At 6:24am on September 2, 2015, Einsamvuk said…

Hello how are you?

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