Chapter one

It was midnight , at least that's what my watch told …
I opened up my eyes that were stuck in with some glue material , that everybody gets of long sleeping ,  I looked around me , I don't remember getting here , and my hand , it's open wide from the wrist , it's fucking bleeding hard , I felt the adrenaline blowing inside of me , but I couldn't move for some reason! is this true ? Why am I at the woods? How did I get this wound? I felt like I want answers more than wanting to be safe.
 I looked into my pocket and I found my phone, I dialed mom first, but no answer! Then I dialed dad's , and still no answer , I had real strong headache , and I couldn't react to my condition or anything , I didn't feel the pain in my wrist , but I was so tired , I looked up to my phone again ,my hand was shaking , and I was trying to find my boyfriend name , as I couldn't see very well  , after suffering of the phone screen light , I found his number , and I dialed it ,I sighed as I heard it connecting , but he just hang up the line " what on earth is happening ? What's fucking wrong with these people?" I yelled to no one, I'm just shocked I don't know what to do , and this headache I feel everything is so blurry, but after staring to the trees  I tried to get a network connection, it was weak but I got it, last seen for mom on social Medias was 7 days ago! That's impossible; she made me a comment on Facebook last night , maybe it's just not working well because the network is so weak , I relaxed my back , made a loud sigh , I felt a tear falling of my eye ,sweet lord ,my hand is till bleeding , How on earth did I survive all this lost blood ?  I thought to myself, trying to understand anything .

 I heard something moving among the grass, and it happens to be a coyote, I sat still at my place, then it moved toward me  , and I felt its tongue licking my wrist's blood .is it eating it is not its just cleaning this disgusting mess , "Oh what a sweet coyote " I said feeling his warm fur ,I just kept staring at it , it was so beautiful , I've never actually came near a wolf , but it seems they are not so dangerous like I thought then it sat beside me , maybe it's not a human , but at least I have a company , after that  I saw two men among the trees , holding guns , they seemed to be hunters ! , then they walked to my spot " finally humans " I whispered to myself , until I saw them pointing their guns to the coyote " don't move little girl " one of them said looking at me , then I opened my mouth preparing to scream  " no " I shouted , and just in a blink of an eye , the coyote turned into something , that looked more like a HUMAN ! he had long claws , and he was wearing a coat of fur , I tried to figure out his skully head , like if the flesh melt of it  , then I felt my heart exploding of the fast beats   , and without saying a word , I saw him tearing those two men's necks , they both fell on the ground  , he leaned down the first one , and with his claws , he started eviscerating the man's body , so slowly the blood didn't even reach his fury coat , he turned his head to look at me , it was the most frightening face I've ever saw in my entire life  ,I felt my skin color was fading , I felt my body so cold and dead ,  he had big wide eyes black as night , I could see a chamber through them , his nose was so thin and tall it looked like a blade , he had a Chelsea grin and his skin was grey and I could see without feeling it , it's like an alligator's  skin , and his spine was showing from the front of his body , and I could see his neck muscles clearly , with such a sight , my eyes couldn't see clearer " oh my god " I whispered to myself , I was so frightened , but sat motionless ,I wanted to tear up , but I held myself back ,  then he walked toward me , he had an arch back  , which made his movement even scarier , he leaned to me , his face to my face ,I could feel his breath into mine ,  I looked to his staring big eyes , then I felt his claws on my arm , crawling slowly , like if he is playing a boring piano symphony ,the adrenaline in me blew hard , I pushed him , then I got up and tried to run , I took one of the hunters guns , but i felt my leg tangled to the ground , I looked down and I saw roots , tangling around my foot , but how did it appear ? I've tried to take it off when I felt a touch from the back , I froze in my place looked around , and saw the coyote , that is no longer one , he looked to my face motionless , the gun fell of my hand , I felt lifeless , but then  he raised his hand to my face and he  held some of what I see , GUTS !  then he put it closer to my mouth "" I chuckled, as I felt the guts in my mouth  , I swallowed it , then I started to spit , and cough  , I felt like I would vomit at the very moment , and my eyes went bigger   as the creature crawled his claws all over my wounded wrist , I looked at it , when I saw it completely healed , "…th..e..h..ell.."  I said chocking with my own throat, it was guts, I know it was guts, but could the guts actually heal me? I took the thoughts off my mind   as I felt the roots off my foot , I looked at the creature ,it smiled even harder , and  it just disappeared  I walked through the woods ,hoping I won't see any other supernatural thing , I could barely stand what I already saw I felt I'm having my conscious back , and called mom again , but still no answer , I felt it's hopeless to keep trying , so I just kept  walking ,  and finally I  found  the exit , it was actually almost dawn now ,and  I was still trying to figure the way back to my hometown  , and trying to realize what I have just saw….


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Comment by DemonicThrasher on July 15, 2015 at 5:53pm

That is really good, kept my curiosity through out 


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