Not to sound too reminiscent or negative but it really seems like the good all days of mashing and moshing and Ian stomping  have really gone away. I’m proud to say I’ve paid my dues and spent many a metal moment rubbing up against people I don’t know, picking up the fallen and having a good old throwdown good time with fellow metalheads rocking out to our favourite tunes. Maybe it’s a good thing I won’t leave a concert anymore smelling like 700 other sweaty dudes, the elbow bruises  in my back and the dudes inconspicuously grabbin a girls booty as she floats by on the raised hands of the mighty. All in the name of good fun and ferocious releasing of the thrash demons. Who knows what concerts will look like in the future, but the time I’ve spent bouncing off you in the circle covered in all of our sweat (and dimebags beers ) was worth it. I hope to see you on the pit someday. Share your stories of your best concerts and worst memories as it seems to be all we have now.

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