post episodes from whatever good metal podcast shows u find here for us all to check out! examples would be Brutalism, High speed hangover, Uk thrash, Into the pit, and so on. 

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I found one called soggy bog of doom. Very good stuff
Zack.moonshine show is awesome too

So i found one called Vinland radio which is pretty good. 2 DJs both cool to listen to. one called King and the other Dr Gore who does the heavier section of the show. i dont like all the stuff they play but i highly enjoy the show itself overall. its on so you can either download the app or download episodes individually as mp3's which works out perfectly for me because im not big on streamig as im always on the go. 

iv got my own show now called The Black Thames which is also on i dont like to talk on my show. sometimes you just want tunes and no chat which is why i was a huge fan of's podcast which stopped after 60 episodes sadly but i think also had a live radio show which im not sure if they carried on. either way the reason i liked podcasts so much is because all the best radio shows are live at times when i cant listen to them due to work and timezone differences. so i wanted to create a show similar to what i loved. and that is The Black Thames. no chat. just tunes.

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