tell us about the venues u frequent and have visited/played at. where it is. what it is, i.e. metal theme pub/no live bands,metal gig nights at otherwise non metal themed pub, alt, night at club, alt nightclub, full on metal venue, bands, decor, alternative stage acts,. tell us whatever it is and where to find it. lets start a kind of database

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Main venues for metal bands in Ireland would be The 3 arena (formally the 02 arena, formally The Point) for big bands. I saw Iron Maiden there in 2010.

Smaller bands usually play at The Academy. Slipknot, Trivium, Amon Amarth, Coheed and Cambria and Machine Head have played here in the last year. In fact Mastodon played here twice in the last year.

Both of these venues are located in Dublin City.


it has recently shut down. it was a metal venue that sometimes held non metal nights to bring in the money to sustain the venue. it had a decent stage at least 4 foot off the ground. the DJ booth was to the left of that above the fire exit about 12 feet higher than the stage, at the right side of the stage was a staircase that leads from the stage to the band rooms above the bar, there was plenty of space for a moshpit, a small seating area with tables and stools fixed to the ground on a raise platform to the left of moshpit area so it could not be knocked over and little chance of being knocked off stools as they were quite high up. behind that was the entrance and above that was a platform with sort of caged handrails and a pole for pole dancers. to the back of the venue was a large leather seated area for socialising with pinball machine n stuff, also used for merch area for bands. above that was an upstairs leather seated area, balcony onlooking the venue and stage, and fully protected sound desk room also onlooking stage. toilets were up there too. and another locked door leading to managers office and band rooms. in the band rooms were sofas and fridges. great venue. it will be sorely missed by bands and fans alike. it was right near mornington crescent station in Camden town.

THE UNICORN IN CAMDEN LONDON UK was formally an old man pub, a promotor called Matt Rozeik managed to get an arrangement to put on bands there, the policy there is NO ENTRANCE FEE so all gigs are absolutely free entry always. gigs nowadays happen almost any night of the week there. they have a sound desk , stage about three foot off the ground, decent size as well. the venue has recently been re furbished and now looks like a proper music venue (which it is) Matt is the reason this place has become such a well known metal venue but there have been and continue to be great promotors bringing amazing shows there such as Jill Mickleson. the venue is half way between Camden Town and Holloway Road, on the Camden Road where Breckknock road crosses it. there are plenty of takeaways nearby as well and a beer garden out front and the alleyway down the side leads to Zed One rehearsal studios. beers are reasonably priced. if u are coming to London looking for a gig check this place out!!!!

THE CAMDEN UNDERWORLD IN CAMDEN LONDON UK is exclusively a live music venue  underneath THE WORLDS END pub. hosts all kinds of heavy music gigs. has a bar near the entrance with seating areas and toilets. whole place is painted black or dark wood colour. past the bar are stairs next to the sound desk leading down to the standing area. there is a pillar in the middle which people tend to circle pit around. its quite spacious but still gets packed. stage is about 3-4 feet off the ground in a triangular shape. there is a back stage area and another small bar just next to it. this is a great venue and most popular for bigger underground bands to play like obituary, deicide, municipal waste, biohazard, type league. this venue is directly opposite Camden Town tube station. tickets for gigs can be bought online,at the box office hatch at venue entrance if open, or over the bar in THE WORLDS END pub upstairs if box office is not open.

THE BLACK HEART IN CAMDEN LONDON UK is located in a back ally behind the underworld, its a pub downstairs, hotspot meeting place for metalheads. upstairs is a music venue, usual painted black. quite small but makes no difference when it comes to gigs. Old Empire Promotion i believe are the current resident promotors and they are top notch. the gigs that have been happening there are killer. if u ask anybody where they are going for a gig in camden they usually say the unicorn or the black heart. the stage is about 3 foot off the ground, the upstairs venue bar is pretty small and pretty basic as far as booz, but more verity is available downstairs if u wanna grab one between bands. toilets are unisex so try not have a curry blow out in there. its not nice for the ladies. but that goes for ladies too lol. its also pretty damn loud in this venue due to the intimacy so ear plugs may be advisable.

The V Club in Huntington WV and the Warehouse in Clarksville TN are pretty good. Best place I use to go to was called Jaxx in Springfield VA but its gone now.

THE JUNCTION IN MUTLEY PLYMOUTH is on the high road. great pub, unfortunately doesn't open tip 8pm, most likely due to a wither spoons across the road where its £1.99 a pint lol. but when it does open its a great pub. ok sized stage too the right as u go in. plenty of seating areas, and good sized area to mosh, but be advised if u get too pissed they will call time on ur alcohol intake as i found out haha.metal door staff with good rapport with local metal heads, nice guys unless u take the piss type feel. after bands finish DJs play well known non metal but not tooooo irritating type music. all in all good vibe venue. 

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