While we want metal mansion the be a place where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.We face the problem of loosing the tiny little revenue that is generated trough the single and only add banner we have (at this moment it dont even generate enough to cover the costs) cause when the "almighty" google´s search bots scan pages, and on multiple occasions find adult natured words like fuck etc.. on the front page you are more then likely to be kicked out of the program = no more income. this is not enough cause they have now started to punish "adult natured sites" with placing them very low in search results some sites wont even show up if you dont search their full address.

Well we sure as hell wont be censoring peoples posts. and deleting the latest activity feed box is not an option either.

So we  simply ask you kindly that when you feel the need to to write words of such nature in your status updates you do it in an alternative way like: f*ck,F@ck etc.. :-) believe me I would like to say F*ck you to google. but until we get some paying sponsors we are stuck with those bastards and their politically correct bs rules..


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much appreciated bro \m/. yep göögle suck playing internet police, yeah just getting this page to pay for it self would be nice. but hey I knew what I got myself into. and expected nothing else. the reward of meeting new awesome people is enough alone to keep going

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"My brother from another mother sadly passed away from liver disease couple of days days ago r I p bro you will be missed kick it in the dick"
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