Hey guys, I’ve just recently got into a debate with someone I know about whether or bot sub genres are important in metal. My question is: do you think they are significant to have, or do you think they are useless? The more detailed your opinion is, the better. However I appreciate short answers as well. Thank you!

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yes there are  been subgenres into metal  that lead to important roles or prototype for other genres 

if punk never had been excist ? probaly  their woulend  be  thrash metal  then came motorhead who fusioned  punk with metal  wich was  verry important for speed & thrash metal back in the days .. venom also  punk  speed black metal..  they mixed all in their music  yes  punk was a huge infleunce 

Fuck yes it's important. Not every time it's gonna be a winner but even when it isn't for the many it is for the few. And all of metal were the few at one point in time. It's great that we have so many musicians pioneering sounds but also great that we have so many pushing those styles on to become subgenres. Metal is amazing because of it. 

Have to say both sub, fusion, and sub fusion forms all important as if you do not mix it up then how can you experience sounds

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