Share any obscure/underground Black Metal bands with fellow metalheads. \m/

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Okay ... first of all... I don't know any artistically valuable nsbm band...

And second... If I learn that a band or anything is right winged or anything I don't listen to it anymore. No matter if I liked the music at first or not. In my opinion thats political responsibility.

I´ts all in the eyes of beholder ain´t it? your bag aint the next persons and so on, no one can decide for anyone what has artistic value or not, also its a bit hilarious people who can listen to songs about mutilation and murder talk about boycotting some work out of political responsibility? (you placing your band in the death metal genre?) so metal bands should sing about making homework and coming to school in time, and save the whales, or else it´s immoral to listen to right?

Yes art is in the eye of the beholder. But using this argument to defend an ideology which stands for the complete opposite of free, manifold art is kind of ironic isn't it?

Being able to differentiate isn't hilarious. There's a difference between singing about fictional stuff and propagandize a real inhuman ideology like national socialism.

Nazi regalia and imagery has always been used for shock value in various artistic expressions, Lemmy of Motörhead , Slayer, etc..etc.. is the song "angel of death" by Slayer  glorifying the camps? The argument dont hold up since, I bet you listen to your fair share of metal who claim to be satanists and sings about killing christians! it has happend you know, also murders and mutilations aint fiction they happen in this sick world, so to be sure that no one gets offended we should  just have metal singing about faeries and butterfly's ?  bottom line is, music aint no different than enjoying a horror movie, its artistic and just because you enjoy a horror movie don't mean you support or promote serial killers, so relax mate, politics belongs where it belongs, not here in a metalhead driven community

To repeat and paraphrase an argument doesn't make it more valid.

My offer: let's stop this discussion here. We both know we won't get to an satisfying end so let's stop wasting our time. Take it or leave it.

Sure I`m glad the one who started this discussion decided to end it yes, cheers mate


Check out Barshasketh, sitra ackra album its pretty good

New Black Metal band from Greece

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