Slayer is the band that got me into metal. My friend introduces me to Slayer back in 2009 and I was like holy fuck Balls \m/

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That's a good question, my brother use to listen to Metallica I was 9 years old, but Id say Iron maiden I was 13
for me it was slayer,sanitys dawn and venom but mostly gallhammer and hellhammer were the main bands that made me love the genre more..
I distinctly my mom always playing ACDC and Metallica. That sparked my love

I would say that Metallica really was the first band I really loved + it got me into metal...I must of been around 15 when I turned into a metal fan...

My dad let me listen to Six Feet Under when I was in the 6th grade and i have not looked back.

Oh, mine was Sixx.A.M., Nikki Sixx's old side band, when I was 15 and had never previously listened to anything except Classical music and Gregorian Chant. I made a quick descent straight into death and black metal and never looked back. 

I don't think there was any particular band because for me it was the natural evolution from the classic rock that my parents listened to. I always enhoyed the more guitar heavy technical classic rock groups the best. Styx, Kansas, Boston and Rush turned into Metallica, Exodus, Nile and Dying Fetus as I got older.

Kiss - Destroyer ! 

Ozzy and MotorHead - early 80s

My dad always had classic rock playing, but one day I decided to listen to some Iron Maiden (had never heard them) but yeah. Number of the Beast was the album that started my journey.

I had quite 'smooth' transition from pop (that my parents were listening to, as 9 year old didn't even had enough music ed to say it's shit), to pop rock (I got into Jrock) and then to rock (guns'n'roses mostly) and then to metal.... metal band,.... hah, probably iron maiden, arch enemy (which I don't like anymore, idk why), semblant.... probably was this... I don't know anymore, it's been like 3-4 years since I got into metal....


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