Hey folks of metal mansion!

I´ve been out of the social network game for quite some time now and figured that this would be a good forum to find and share thoughts and music on. Me myself play guitar in a death metal band here in Sweden and we´re soon done with our first 3 song demo thats been recorded, mixed and mastered by me.

My big question is: is there a lot of things going on here or is it like a website a few people visit some times? =)

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There doesn’t seem to be a lot of activity on here, but I’ve found it a lot easier to bring things up irl or on your instagram story. People will probably respond when you didn’t even know they listened to metal:)

Hey Viktor! I feel you brother, back in the days there used to be a metal underground movement, people corresponding with each other (on paper!) from all over the world, and now that we have this amazing technology everybody is on their own.

Probably, just like me, there's a lot of you out there feeling lost and isolated, just because what we like is not trendy, and nobody knows where to look to get out of that situation.

We should stick together, and bring back that cool vibe, I feel like there's a lot of cool music out there worth listening to. But without a group of people supporting it, it's not gonna happen. 

Just like you, I produce music by myself, I'm so creative and productive and still, I struggle to find people to play with, or even to talk to about music. 

So let's get together and build something my brothers of metal!

speaking about comunication  corespond to eachother  nowadays often its to much with all that social media like facebook ? its one of the reasons i shut down my acount  a while ago  back in the days people respond to  each other  but not in the way like we know now .  they used to write letters .. even when phoning  was verry limited  yeah ..with the telephone  of my parents ..way before all those smartphones, ..if  you wanted to reach somebodey  i remember had often to call from in a cellphone on the street ..everything was way much more limited  then nowadays .. a part of  the magic is gone  but this forum  is  okay  because  there is  some time in between no rush  no hurry .


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