...favorite thrash band? (damn, I'm original) 

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My personal fav is Ghoul

I like so many of them but here are my top ones! Kreator, Razor, Sacrifice, Morbid Saint, Testament, Destruction, Hirax and a lot more!! 

It depends of the moment I guess. The one who introduced me to the genre was Metallica - as I supose it was for most of us - but lately I haven't listened to them at all. Now I would say my favorite would be Annihilator, but few months ago was Exodus. As I said it depends, but the important thing is: it is always thrash in the end.

us  thrash  is good as well ..but i do love in particulair german thrash   often sounds more brutal or rawer i mean just listen to the early sodom demo's  witching metal& victims of death .. that says enough  i guess.


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