This would be my fist post, of how many, I don't know. 

Mmm ... after sitting here in from of the laptop (bored out of my mind.. as you can guess) I decided to introduce myself. Well, my name's Duane.. (oh yeah, I'm quite good at stating the obvious) 

I live in a land far far away (I just love saying that, excuse me) . Not that it has anything to do with what I wanted to say at the moment. I thought of sharing some of my adventures on this site (I'm not very adventurous, that's why I feel the need to share them).

Okay, okay, I know: It's selfish.

What came across me while my brain frantically searched through its neuron transmitters for something to write, was: I've found quite a few of our clan (if you will), among my travels through the nether realms of Online RPG gaming. I'm sure it has to do with a form of a deep seated escapism that we deal with in that way.

To be honest, now that I think of it -  I find it kind of hard to imagine someone playing Call of Cthulu or Vampire The Masquerade while listening to Britney Spears or something of the like (Everyone to their own taste obviously). But rather more befitting  to me would be something by Eluvietie - Ensiferum - Summoning -Blind Guardian - Leaves Eyes - Chauchan - Crow Black Sky - Baliyos - Darconian - Cradle of Filth - Behemoth.  Just to name a few - there are really way to many-  from the tip of my tongue (which has been sadly out of practice for quite a while now)

In all its forms metal has in some way contributed to the welfare of fantasy. Now when I say 'fantasy' I don't mean just the knight in shining armor type, or the cutesy fairy by the pond, by no means. The coven that calls to the children of the night has been for as long as there has was a amp and a will, bloomed into a crimson delight of pure sinful pleasure.

It's our culture that draws us to the world of alternate reality. Is it not that the imagination of our minds that beckons the intelligence to follow? 

The games that I've played (Mostly text based. Lord of the Rings Online - But only the RP interest me in that game, I haven't leveled in ages) is that there's actually quite a lot of us in the populace, masquerading as average Joes & Gills (We are, mostly anyways. We just have other interest, that's all)

The writing capabilities of these guys are really amazing. Through their wordsmithing, their intelligence shines through. And then the conservative narrow minded fools wants to categorize us as being mindless zombies and Cannibal Corpse (Which I think just kicks ass), content to wallow in the underbelly of homo-sapient evolution. They brand us as being mind controlled by our passion - Metal. What a joke. Our strength of will might just surprise them.

(If you derived any sadistic pleasure in reading this, send me a msg. I might continue trying to drag you into my boredom on a regular bases, if there's any interest) 

Tell me what your opinions are on this matter. I would really like to hear from you guys.

Uhm... Well... I guess that's all for now folks. Till next time.

And now for the best ever Brit song ==-->

Fair Travels.

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