Lady in White - Lyrics by Eva's Scarlet Thorns and yes it is copy written

“Her milk white skin against the fiery red sky, she glides against the winds, flying high,

Her lips as dark as rose blood, her eyes glittered in the twilight of her face.

She moved into the darkness as you watch. For nothing so beautiful, so rare and so tender

Could do no wrong...But she did, the lady in the white...A trickster of lies, she looks for her prey and when she catches him, she wraps her delicate saintly body around him. Slowly breathing him in. Each bite taken is the sweet poetic taste of lust. Devouring him whole into the grave, the life leaves his bewildered eyes. Gazing into a love long lost into the darken night. Knocking on the gate of hell she welcomes her magic. His blood shadowing a beautiful image, the lady of night, the lady of fright, my death angel. A pet to my rage, this creature, this beauty beast, fears no light..she is nothing but a Succubus, my succubae ”


Play me your siren tonight I am alive

beauty in the darkness my divine

come torment my lust with your venom kiss

raven of beauty I welcome your bliss


Sweet boy look into my eyes

take me away to the land of the sane

caress my pale snow white skin

lets the shadow desire from with in


kisses from her frozen blood red lips

from the tomb of my chambers

she takes me away


the lady in white my death angel

bewildered in sacrifice

sing to me your poetry

control me with your lust

open the gate of hell

take my soul

my succubae


when darkened skies are rising

the dance and the duel begins

heaven awaits no unholy pray

stars burning above us and gods dismay


wrap these thorn around my black heart

pierce your venom into my blood

craving for your touch

craving for the end

no light in the passages of hell


the lady white my death angel

bewildered in sacrifice

sing to me your poetry

control me with your lust

open the gate of hell

take my soul

my succubae


strip my flesh from bones

drink my blood sweet wine

open your demonic thighs

quench your thirst on my soul

whore of the darkness

devour me whole

my angel in white


blood stained cloak the stars weep

as I gave him my poison he fell like a sheep

sweet sacrifice in the dead of the night

darkness forges an army of fright

swallowed into my lust

the flames rise higher

as he burns in hells fire


Dawned in heaven

His reign shall fall

The gargoyle priest

Raining blood read skies

Heroes no longer will rise


A widow of the lamb

Buried in lust

Come for my glory

Turn souls into dust


"and with a final kiss he says Farwell, gone in a blaze of burning light she shoots through the stars. leaving his body to rot, a feast for the crows. her dress covered in mercy's blood, her lips tasting the last drops of sweet innocence. her unholy veil left behind coving his eyes so god cannot see. the morning sun arises upon his fragile corps, his body stained and imprinted with darkness. a smile of fright upon his face. Only a memory of sins embrace." 

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