Im finally gonna start writing for a project ive had in my head for years now, im only one dude so im gonna need some help.

Ok, so my idea is simple, I love progressive power metal and I love video games, so why not do a video game themed prog metal band?

I have a wealth of material, ive been wasting my youth on this shit since I was old enough to crawl, so concept-wise, you could say im an expert, in fact, id prefer you did :)

I have multiple ideas, two of them seem interesting, the first would be a more straight forward way of writing, stand alone songs about characters, weapons, plotlines from various game worlds and also maybe a comedy aspect as well, such as nerd rage (ya know, when your so mad you wanna smash the controller) and bad movie based games, and maybe kindof an homage to AVGN. This would be a much more traditional kind of metal, with shorter songs and less experimentation....

The second one is an idea ive had floating in my head for a bit, a full on concept album centered around a character who gets somehow sucked into a world where all this weird video game crap is real and alive. Kinda like a heavy metal "wreck-it Ralph" mixed with a bit of Bal-Sagoth. The idea here is to make it a bit more progressive and experimental, I plan on using keyboards, narrative vocals and a big story setup involving a lot of shredding and playing around with time signatures and all the fun shit. Details are still a bit foggy here, but it will come into focus the more attention I put into it. Suffice to say its a much larger undertaking than the first, which is why it may have to be done at some point in the future even though its a concept that thrills me right in the pants.

Anyway, if anybody is interested in collaborating, id be more than happy to have some extra musicians for it, I only play guitar, so other instruments are a bit of a problem atm. I do have a friend who drums pretty good and he would no doubt be on board,.

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Comment by Cáthal on August 6, 2014 at 5:40am

Go for it man! Sounds awesome hai :D

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