So, after long deliberation and constant fretting over the well-being of my sanity, I decided to add an addition to my never-ending mullings on paper. Here follows, yet again, one more gem of knowledge. 

Did you know - Vikings never really wore demon-horn-helms? 

No, they didn't. And this is where I will begin. 

How did we get those ideas of yore about raging beast of rape and plunder? Derived from the facts, but distorted by man's need to fantasize and elaborate on their imagination. That is where. Where else does the notion of a central god derive from, if not from our own infinite longing to make sense of our world?.

Man needs excitement. Villains and heroes. Dark, dangerous catacombs, haunted towers of bloodsucking monsters, grotesque beast, foul killers of savage delight, breeds of strange beings far removed from our own - liken to gods (had to bring in some Lovecraft).  Spellbound stories fuel our want for the wondrous and the fantastic. So we create to survive what today is part of reality. A reality where one need to escape from. 

In no more pronounce way does any other form of metal does this then Folk metal. 

Folk and Viking metal, a joining of two worlds in one amazing concept. The sound of ancient rites being sung by warriors around camp fires, the sound of clashing swords and cries of vengeance, shouts of righteous retribution,  the sound of love, loss and longing - as well as the sound of metal - grinding chords, growling vocals and ferocious drums. That is what Folk/Viking metal sound like. You can say they are metal's historians. They take pride in that title, living true to their name. Most of their songs are steeped in a past of what once was. They delve deep into the history, culture and the lives of those men and woman that lived in a time so far removed from our own. They decent to when there were still honor,  pride and justice; when men were men and when sword and steel the deciding factor in one’s own well-being. Back to when people were still people, and not just another rat in a race.

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Comment by Metal Mansion ™ on December 12, 2014 at 11:14am

Great read, also greet advices from R'lyeh , Hey Duane if you run your own website I be happy to exchange links ;-) btw I once wrote a blogpost about viking and horned helmets, lol R`lyeh this might be a painful read for you cause the grammatical errors, I blame it on being Swedish lol :

Comment by Duane Steffens on December 12, 2014 at 5:51am

R'lyeh, thank you. Thank you for taking time out for helping me with this, it means a lot. As you might have noticed, I'm doing this for the first time and do need some guidance. All that you have said so far has really made me think on how I should approach this. 

The points that you have made are helpful, insightful, and down right necessary for me to create an informative, yet entertaining read. Sometimes what escapes my mind is the fact that I'm writing this for an audience. Which is rather near-sighted, I know. It helps a lot to be reminded that you are trying to bring across a valid point; an argument, if you like.

Never would I deny free advice. How else are one to learn if not from others.

This, at the start, was to be short introduction to Folk/viking metal, and I wanted to just jot down for the sinfully ignorant a kind of narrative sound to what they can expect. But now that you have given me a little more confidence by providing me the guidance you did, I feel that I might elaborate more on the topic, and in that way maybe win over a wider audience to my argument - which now would be that Folk/viking metal is in fact an intelligent genre of metal worthy of more concentration and thought. 

Other then that, you have helped me with my future factual writing as well by letting me think about the information, and the point, that I want to relay to the reader.

Once again, R'lyeh, thank you.

Comment by R'lyeh on December 12, 2014 at 12:37am


This was an interesting read. Here are my comments:

1. If you plan on publishing this to your music website, there are some grammatical errors to fix. The end of the 9th line ending in "...if not from our own infinite longing to make sense of our world?." has period after the question mark. "...any other form of metal does this then Folk metal." Than Folk metal. Not "then Folk metal." There are several more errors but I can't remember where I saw them.

2. Just as a reader, I am unclear of what exactly the point of this essay is. Obviously, it's a discussion on Folk/viking metal, but what is the message you want your readers to take away after reading this? That Folk metal is cool? That Folk metal is historical? That Folk metal explores the weaknesses of our current society? All of the above? It would definitely help readers understand what you're trying to get across if you put a thesis statement somewhere in your first paragraph and again rephrased as the last sentence.

3. Your facts could strongly benefit from examples. For example, you wrote: "Did you know - Vikings never really wore demon-horn-helms?" This is probably the greatest misconception attributed to Viking culture, and you could support this claim  by mentioning that helmets with horns are found in several other cultures like ancient Mesopotamia as depicted in the Stele of Naram-Sin. "The Akkadian sovereign wears a conical helmet with horns - a symbol traditionally the privilege of the gods - and is armed with a large bow and an axe." ( Also, don't forget to cite your sources.

In last paragraph, definitely list off some actual bands that do what you say they do. Finntroll, Eluveitie, Amon Amarth, and Ensiferum would be a few sufficient examples to draw around your thesis. Can we say they are Metal's historians? How could you otherwise convince a non-Folk metal listener to believe what you wrote without including passages from their lyrics or thumbnails of their album art?

Well that's about all I have and I'm sure you're done listening to me now. Good luck with your future writings.

Comment by Duane Steffens on December 11, 2014 at 5:32am

I need your help  - I need you to tell me what you think of this piece. I write for a music site and need to have some opinions on the matter. So, c'on tell me what you think, and where you reckon I could have said something differently. ... "PleAsE"


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